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Core Values——Integrity, Gratitude, Professionalism, Innovation
 Business does not prosper without integrity. Man can not live without integrity. We apply the highest ethical standards and act with integrity, respect and in an ethical manner with our suppliers and customers worldwide.
 Thanksgiving is one of China’s traditional virtues. Employees are encouraged to respect and understand each other and learn to show their gratitude in both daily life and work.
 We maintain and improve our professional competence and strive for excellence through continuous study. Our goal is to provide highly efficient service and high-quality silver contacts to our customers.
 While advocating innovation in new business, we emphasize more on innovation in traditional businesses to achieve competitiveness through differentiation.

   CECL made a lot of effor to presue high electric conductivity, good erosion-resistance and anti-welding electrical contact rivet used for Magnetic Contactors , Switches , Relays , Starters , Thermostars ... ...

Operation Philosophy——Stableness, Growth, Sharing, Outstanding
 Seeking long-term interests, abiding by the laws & regulations and stableness lay the foundation for CECL's growth strategy.
 Seizing opportunities and striving to achieve both company growth and employee development.
 Enhancing teamwork and assuring sharing of benefits among its customers, shareholders and employees.
 Pursuing excellence is the goal for every CECL employee.
Talent Nurturing Strategy
We promote people-oriented strategies as people are the most valuable asset of our development. We cherish people with both talent and integrity. We retain our talent through interpersonal relationships, pay and security, recognition and achievement.

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