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Current location:China top electrical silver contact rivets supplier:CECL-the best silver electric contacts,electrical contact rivet manufacturer for USA electric contact manufacturer and metal stamping manufacturer > History  

In 1998 CECL was found and introduced low-voltage contact manufacturing technology from Europe

In 1999 developed dry-type unsaturated polyester molding compounds.

In 2000 introduced Precision testing equipment for silver contact layer cross-section inspection

In 2002 CECL passed the certification for high new-tech enterprises, gained the ISO9001:2000 certificate,

           and had the Postdoctoral Station settled in the company.
In 2006 Electrical Materials Engineering & Technology Research Center was set up CECL Hiuzhou

In 2010 A new plant of CECL was built in Huizhou City

In 2011 CECL has completed process reengineer and devoted in environmental protection

           minimizing,standardizing the silver electrical contacts

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