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China Electric Contacts Ltd. is the best silver electrical contact rivet manufacturer in china,it specializes in bimetal silver contact rivet, the new plant is now located in Dongguan city ,Guangdong china,the company start to make silver electrical contacts since 1998, the contact material they used including:Ag\AgSnO₂\AgSnO2ln2O₃\AgCdO\AgCuO\AgZnO\AgNi\AgCe\AgC\AgWC\AgW\CuW... ...
the silver electrical contact rivets are widely used for low voltage electric appliances,household appliances and industrial electronics,Under leadership of the telented engineer who has nearly 30 years experience on research and production of Electrician alloy materials and silver contacts, the company has developed electrician alloy products of outstanding electricity performance (High conductivitv
Low impedanceLow temprature riseHigh electricitve lifehigh anti-welding) and fine machine-finishing performance.

They mainly manufacture silver based electrical contact material, contact rivet and contact components, and plan to manufacture silver based electrical contact material 200ton, contact rivets 5 billion pieces annually. The products are widely applied in Microswitchtemperature controlled switchWall switchrelaycontactorAutomobile electric and other AC/DC starter. Moreover,each of the performance indexes indexes suroasses the national standards.

The company has already adopted the Quality System Certification of ISO/TS16949:2009\ISO9001:2008\ISO14001:2004. They have the first-class production facilities and testing facilities, advanced technology and full range of products.
The company is responsible for manufacturing electrical contact material as national brand, adhere to the "self-improvement business, independent innovation" road, is committed to the development of environmental protection and energy saving products. Our goal is to become a well-known company, the leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic materials in international, and for the sustainable development of human society to contribute a force.

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